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Nakazono Aikido Memorial Event


Neath Sport Centre


27th October, 2007



Nakazono Sensei & Phong Sensei


Photo by: K Morgan.





The highlight of the 2007 Aikido calendar, has drawn to a close. Preparations for this Event started in November 2006. We knew from the very beginning it would be something special. I don't think anyone who attended the Event will tell you any different. Jiro Nakazono Sensei, readily agreed to participate in the Event, the minute he was asked. The UK instructors also agreed to attend without any hesitation. As the website had been completed, we received a message from Dang Thong Phong Sensei, in California. He expressed the wish to participate in the Event, to honour the memory of Nakazono Sensei. His invitation was quickly prepared, and accepted.


As the month of October came upon us, we experience the postal strike, which did cause a few headaches, but nothing we could not handle. As with the Abbe Sensei Celebration course before us, the Kodo Drummers heralded the start of this Event. The acoustics of the hall, made the drumming more real, and set the tone for the whole Event. I was lucky enough to walk in to the Dojo behind Nakazono Sensei in the morning, so I felt the electricity first hand. The atmosphere of expectation.


The instruction throughout the day was of a very high calibre. Nakazono Sensei, & Phong Sensei were unknown instructors to the UK students. No one was disappointed with what they saw. Phong Sensei is only approximately four foot eight in height. Yet for someone in his seventies, his power and speed is absolutely unbelievable. Nakazono Sensei, with his classical Aikido tuition, was remarkable.


The UK instructors were on fine form. Ellis Sensei took the Tatami first. Demonstrations of Nikkyo, and Nikkyo projections were superb. Foster Sensei showed the coordination and importance of Tenkan. Eastman Sensei gave us his in-depth knowledge of techniques how Nakazono Sensei would have performed them. Jones Sensei, gave an incredible display of Tenchinage movements.


As with all good plans, overruns occurred. This did not spoil anyone's enjoyment throughout the day. With a blink of an eye, it was all over! We would all like to thank the staff of Neath Sport Centre for putting up with us. A very special thank you to all the invited guests. We would also like to thank Quentin Ball of Nine Circles, who set up another brilliant trade stand. And for donating a beautiful Shinken for the prize raffle. A very special thank you to Gwynne Jones Sensei & the Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society for sponsoring the Event. And last but not least, the tireless work of the organising committee, who dealt with many unforeseen hurdles!


Finally, we would like to thank all the participating Instructors, and students for making such a special day come to life. The memory of Nakazono Sensei was honoured, and set in the minds of all who took part.



There are still Event programmes available for anyone who wishes to own one. A special DVD is now available, which covers the whole Event. Further details can be found on the Event DVD.




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This event was sponsored by the Shin Gi Tai Aikido Society and jointly promoted by the Shin Gi Tai and the Ellis Schools of Traditional Aikido.