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Haydn Foster Sensei.

Institute of Aikido



Foster Sensei started to practice in the Hut Dojo in Hillingdon, a few months before Ellis Sensei. He was slightly older than the rest of the original group, who started around the same time. Ellis Sensei has said on many occasions, he was a Father figure to many students. An accolade that continues today.


When Williams Sensei left the Hut Dojo, and moved to Wales. The renown Aikido Society was close to breaking up. Many students approached Foster Sensei to start a new organisation, and base it at the Hut. The Institute of Aikido was born. This happened in 1973.


The Institute continues to be a leading force on the UK Aikido Circuit. Unfortunately, some of the leading Sensei of the Institute have passed away. I'm sure Foster Sensei would not like me to write this, without mentioning Timms Sensei, MacFarlane Sensei, Russell Sensei, and of course Allen Sensei.


Foster Sensei, or Mr Foster as many people know him as, is a perfect gentleman on and off the Tatami. He has a very infectious laugh, which is very recognisable! I'm sure many people will find it interesting, that Foster Sensei is Welsh! Not that you would notice from his accent!


The Nakazono Aikido Memorial Event, will probably be the very last time all three of the four original Aikido students from the 1950's will be together again on the same Tatami. I very much hope everyone enjoyed the sessions with Ellis Sensei, Foster Sensei & Eastman Sensei. Without their unselfish help and guidance, most of us would not be practicing Aikido today.


Below is a small collection of Photo's of Foster Sensei.




Foster Sensei is fourth from the left, back row.